Resin Driveway Glasgow


We are one of Glasgow's leading Resin Bound driveway, path and patio installers. A family run business based in Glasgow and have been in the building industry for almost 20 years. 

Resin Bound Driveway, Path & Patio Installers
“First class finish, really pleased!”
Paul Kerr
Resin Driveway Glasgow

Resin Bound Driveway, Path & Patio Installers

We are a family run business based in Glasgow and have been in the building industry for over 20 years. Covering Glasgow and the full of central Scotland we are one of the leading resin driveway, path and patio installers and have a wealth of experience so this makes us the perfect people to install your resin driveway, path or patio.

We are renowned for being reliable, hardworking and with an eye for detail which ensures that every resin job is installed to the highest possible standard.  

We have joined forces with the UK’s number 1 supplier of resin and aggregates and this ensures that whatever outdoor area you choose to have fitted with resin you are guaranteed it is done with the highest quality products. Our unique bespoke resin bound system will offer you complete flexibility with a stunning range of colours to suit your property and enhance the look adding appeal and value.

Resin Driveway Glasgow

Benefits of Resin Bound

Low Maintenance
Hardwearing and long lasting, Resin is strong and lasts for years no matter how heavy the traffic on it is.
Low Weed Growth
No more spending hours weeding your driveway. Resin is a very low weed growth choice.
Frost Resistant
Resin Bound prevents frost. No more having to put grit down during the winter months.
Slip Resistant
The top layer of the resin ensures that the area stays slip resistant. No more icy driveways in winter.
The process for installing your resin driveway, path or patio makes the area smooth and seamless. 
Resin Driveway Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions

Glasgow's leading Resin Bound driveway, path and patio installers. We are a family run business based in Glasgow and have been in the building industry for almost 20 years. 

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What is resin bound?

Resin bound is a mixture of natural aggregate and UV resistant resin which bonds together to provide a hard wearing, long lasting, fully permeable area which looks amazing!

Is the consultation really free and no obligation? I don’t want sales people phoning me.

Yes, it really is free! We are a family run company and hate getting pestered by sales people so there definitely isn’t any of that at GMC Resin. We’ll happily come to your house with our sample case for you to look through while we measure the area. We understand that it is a big investment you are making so feel free to ask us as many questions as you need to. We will then email you over our quote and the rest is up to you! If you decide to go ahead just get back in touch and we’ll get you booked in. If you decide it’s not for you just now that is fine – we won’t contact you again.

What is the process?

The actual installation process varies depending on the area. Once we receive your initial enquiry we will arrange a convenient time to visit your property and help you determine what would be best for the area you want resin installed. We will answer all questions and we will talk you through the process and timescale for your desired area.

How long before I can walk on my drive or patio?

We recommend not walking on the resin for 24 hours and then 72 hours before driving on it. This ensures all the resin is properly cured. We will tape the front of the area and provide signage to make everyone aware that no one should walk on it.

Do weeds grow through it?

Low weed growth is possible through the Resin. In certain areas seedlings can land on the resin and weeds appear. A simple brush over the area will remove the weed as the root can’t form in the resin.

Can you work if the weather isn’t good?

We will do everything possible to ensure that your installation happens on the date that we have agreed however every now and again the Scottish weather doesn’t play along with our plan and we have to reschedule. If this does happen we will notify you straight away and will arrange for you to be booked in to our next available date.